A Belgian nun retires after laboring fifty-five years as a nurse in the Congo. Now she yearns to reach out to the world outside with her unique story. She entered the convent out of love for a classmate whose ambition was to be a nun. Her concern is that what she says will not do justice to her beloved or to her life’s love story. That concern imposes the obligation to tell the truth completely and unadornedly. Then too, she is beset by the question of suicide: what to do if life is not worth living? That started the day of her vows after she was told that her mother had ended her life. Her beloved then commits suicide and she is left alone to witness the decolonization of the Congo. Having arrived there in 1945 she has a front row seat. Dauntlessly she recounts what the Congolese do and how Belgium struggles to retain its grip on the colony. As to the question regarding suicide, she is able to answer in the manner her own life ends.

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